Mr. Barksmith's Cool Treats
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These "Ready to Freeze" dog treats are easy for you and your customers. No freezer needed in store. Pet Parents freeze and serve at home.

Mr Barksmith's Cool Treats are sold UNfrozen (customer takes home, freezes and serves), unlike some products on the market that require freezers. Customers don’t have to worry about Cool Treats melting. With a 2 year shelf life and all natural ingredients, why not to order these wholesale dog treats for your store today?

Sold in 6-packs and singles. Singles meet requirements for individual resale.

  • Floor Display: Custom mix of # SKUs
  • 6packs: 12 / case
  • Singles: 24 / case with Display Tray
  • Smoothies Servers: 10 / case (each server includes one smoothie)

Optional SMOOTHIES SERVERS: Excellent add-on item to increase per transaction sales. This refillable / reusable SERVER keeps Pet Parents coming back to purchase more refills / 6-pack cartons. SMOOTHIES SERVER comes with one single serving. A great product to bundle with a couple of 6-pack cartons & create in store special. Perfect serving size for small to large dogs & only 28-33 calories. These guilt free healthy dog treats are enjoyed in minutes (not seconds).

  • Great add on product / profit builder!
  • Clean, Safe, Reusable & Skid Resistant Server
  • Includes Smoothie

92 Piece Floor Display
  • Wheat & Gluten Free - Non Dairy
  • 2 year Shelf Life - No Freezer Needed In Store
  • Human Food-Grade Ingredients
  • Made in FDA Approved Facility
  • Easy to read ingredients & eye catching carton & display!
More Bang for the Bark! 92 piece floor display contains one case each product in each flavor

Smoothies for dogs