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See what people are saying about the ultimate puppy treats, Mr. Barksmith's Cool Treats. Read what other people think and why you should order some of these gourmet pet treats for your furry friend today! We haven't met a pooch that didn't love our healthy doggy treats. Now in two yummy flavors, your dog will love them.

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Tasty summer treat! TuddleBell from Pleasanton, CA I'm wild about the natural & healthy ingredients and my two dogs are wild about the taste! I've been serving them frozen which the dogs really look forward to now that the weather is warmer. They will sit in front of the freezer until they get one each night.
Great frozen! JoanP from St. Petersburg, FL dogsMy girls, white boxers, love these tasty treats frozen. As it's summer in Florida, I knew they would and they gobble these up in a flash! Nice natural treat. Definitely recommend.
SharingGolflad from Chicago, IL dogsMy two Pugs, Bunker and Granby, have a "sharing" lesson reinforced too! We share, 1/3rd each, a Frozen Cool Treat. I love the regular fruit flavor, and the dogs and I were thrilled with the new Peanut Butter flavor...It's a lot of fun when we can share a fun, healthy experience with our pets. I would recommend this to a friend!
Rusty the finicky eaterCharlotteE from Los Angeles, CA dogsMy dog Rusty has always been finicky with treats. I've wasted so much money on treats that he just won't touch. He has always loved when I feed him fruit, especially strawberries and plums, so I decided to give these fruit smoothies a try. I have never seen Rusty so excited to have a treat in his life!! I stick them in the freezer and plop one in his bowl, and he gobbles it right up. I feel good because they are super healthy and all natural, too, just like the smoothies I make for myself at home. It's also nice that I can store them in my cabinet if I run out of space in the freezer. I've tried both flavors and he likes them both... I think he prefers the fruit and mint.
She loves it! thatguy1 from San Diego dogsLindy isn't really a treat-dog, but these Cool Treats are the exception. She goes crazy for it! As soon as she sees me pull out the package, she starts running in circles. I love that she loves it...AND it's good for her.
Great natural product MOWHS from Bahamas dogsI do rescue in The Bahamas and I have yet to find a dog that doesn't love Cool Treats. I even had a case sent to a friend's dog in California because he went crazy over the peanut butter flavored Cool Treat that I brought on a visit.
Cool Treats CancunTomas from Cancun, Mexico dogsLittle Pekingese Lucy loves Cool Treats as do her Pit Bull friend Quila and Bailey. Making frequent trips to the US they are easy to transport and store since they don't need refrigeration until almost time to serve the girls their treats. Low fat and low calorie cannot be bad. Wish we could buy them in Mexico. I might even try one myself one day.
BEST TREATS EVER! CARITO from VAIL, COdogsEvery night before getting to bed we have our ice cream and off course our dog MUST HAVE TO HAVE his Mr. Barksmith´s Cool Treats too!!! Our Dog Loves them!!!